George Clooney: It Shouldn’t Be Long For Marriage Equality

Posted on – By Jeremy Kinser, January 13, 2012


GEORGE CLOONEY 201001 X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMGeorge Clooney says it’s just a matter of time for national marriage equality and calls it “final leg of the civil rights movement,” during an interview with E!’s Marc Malkin.

“I think the world is changing and it’s becoming less and less of an issue and I think it shouldn’t be long now,” Clooney tells Malkin. “I think younger people are looking at this like, ‘Who cares?’

“I do believe it’s generational, much like the civil rights movement,” he adds. “Young people started taking to the streets and things changed. This really is the final leg of the civil rights movement.”

Clooney will play marriage equality defender, attorney David Boies in the upcoming Los Angeles production of 8, adapted by Dustin Lance Black from the transcripts of the Prop. 8 trial. The one-night-only performance directed by Rob Reiner will take place March 3. Other cast members are expected to be announced soon.

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