Boy Scouts to ‘carefully consider’ anti-gay policy

MSNBC | June 7th, 2012

>>> word it may reverse anti-gay policy. this comes on the heels of online signature asking it to reinstate former den mother who was recently ousted from the group for being gay. zach is an eagle scout and student at university of iowaand the author of “my two moms.” zach , it’s good to have you here today. you were scheduled to come on, break this news about the scouts reviewing this policy as well as news that they vote on it in 2013 . the bsa good wind of it. came out in advance of the news. as we’ve seen, it looks like they’re trying to drive the conversation, denying that this petition you delivered on behalf of jennifer terrell has any influence on this decision coming up. what is your reaction to that?

>> yeah. well, we knew this was going to be their response as soon as we heard the story was breaking. i know this is obviously something the bsa has said before, however there are a lot of things much different today. today i’m proud to announce we are launching a group called scouts for equality and launching this in coordination with a number of other eagle scouts . this group has three key purposes to assess support for the end of this policy within the scouting community, to mobilize that support and finally execute and actually end this policy that discriminates against homosexual people and leaders in the organization.

>> zach , when we talk about the bsa and, again, they got out in front of this, i want to read a statement from scout spokesman darren smith will be decided by scouting’s professional and volunteer leadership including the national executive committee . darren also spoke on the phone with our segment producer adding in regards to this subject that we’re not close-minded individual. we simply believe our youth development program is not the proper place to introduce this topic. i want to ask you as an eagle scout how much was discussed growing up in the scouts about heterosexual sex ?

>> exactly. the boy scouts of america , we don’t talk about sex really at all. it’s interesting that darren would say that. we’ve heard this line before, actually. we hear it frequently. what’s important to note is when miss terrell was released from her son’s cub scout pack, that’s the first time this notion had ever been discussed with the pack. this is something we’ve seen over and over . it’s not until leaders are forced to resign and those kids are wondering why their favorite leader has been forced to leave the troop. they then have to understand what this means. at the end of the day , the fact is kids don’t struggle with this idea. they understand love is love , that commitment is commitment. now, when it comes to something like this, we’re not talking about an alternative lifestyle or, you know, some kind of immoral behavior. what we’re talking about, a real living, breathing human being , like my moms, who were involved with the scouting organization and like jennifer were revered as effective leaders and very momma grizzlies, if you will, in their position as leaders in our cub scout pack.

>> there you go, taking sarah palin ‘s phrase. zach coming on to talk about this. keep us posted. you can read more on our website at thanks again.

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  1. Since Scouting’s founding, biologically aberrant sexual behavior or aberrosexualism has been contrary to the moral values, ethical principles, and civic ideals upheld and promoted by Scouting worldwide.

    Whether or not an individual, who engages in biologically aberrant sexual behavior, or aberrosexualism, should be allowed to serve as a leader is NOT the issue. The issue is that an individual who admits and brazenly exhibits his aberrosexualism is NOT FIT to serve as a leader.

    For starters, the Youth Protection and Health and Safety Guidelines rightly prohibit demonstrations of sexual activity of ANY KIND. An individual who feels compelled to admit and brazenly exhibit his sexual preferences has absolutely NO PLACE in Scouting whatsoever.

    The Boy Scouts do not question a leader’s sexual behavior. Only an ADMITTED aberrosexual has been, is, and should always be excluded from leadership positions. The few attempting to impose the aberrosexualist agenda on the Boy Scouts are most definitely NOT acting in the best interests of the organization or its members.

    Do not be misled. Aberrosexualism is not merely a health injurious sexual behavior. Today, it is also a dangerous political ideology. Those who ignore this fact, do so at their peril and that of their family.

    The partisans, whether aberrosexual or not, of the macabre Aberrosexualist ideology will always attempt to pretend that aberrosexualism is not pathological. Objectively speaking, we are all free to choose with whom we will engage in sexual or pseudo-sexual activity, and what we will insert into the orifices of our body. Homosexualism, bisexualism, bestialism, pedophilia, necrophilia, are all anti-social, aberrant behavioral choices. Nature, however, does not force anyone to engage in biologically aberrant, unhygienic, unhealthy and medically harmful sexual behavior.

    To consider whether the Boy Scouts should change its policy of protecting its members, young and old, from admitted aberrosexuals is to consider whether the Boys Scouts should cease being the Boy Scouts. Could the Boy Scouts change its requirement that its members believe in God and still be the Boy Scouts? Both ideas are completely absurd and particularly offensive to any true Scout.

    Scouting’s values, virtues, principles and ideals are NOT NEGOTIABLE! Not now, not ever.

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