GNP artist spotlight: Love Notes by Anthony Boccaccio

“Three of my friends after showering asked for a portrait together. The BBC used this image in a TV show and said it was the highest paid image for a 17 second viewing in the history of BBC. They must have really liked it…or my agent was a great salesman!”

Anthony Boccaccio


Tony began his career with National Geographic Magazine in 1971. Since then, his camera has taken him to over thirty countries in as many years – from Iceland to the Amazon.

Like most photographers, he is a series of contrasts: His lens has captured the frozen landscapes of Iceland and the sweltering jungles of the Amazon.

He is probably most known for his beautiful travel photography, yet while working with the human figure, his sensitivity rivals that of the great painters. Indeed, his artistic life began as a young painter trained in the classical manner. He studied classical piano at the prestigious Eastman School of Music and taught himself to play the bluegrass banjo. He lived in Brazil as a teenager and Italy as a college student. In 1995, he returned to Rome to continue painting and to learn how to sculpt in the classical manner under one of Rome’s most gifted sculptors, Alessandro Nocera.


Getty Images & ImageTrust (Germany) photo agencies represent his photography worldwide. His work is in the permanent collection of fine art of the Neikrug Gallery, New York.


National Geographic Magazine, Time Magazine, Eastman Kodak Company, McGraw Hill, Saturday Evening Post, Psychology Today, Natural History Magazine, and many international corporate clients.

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