KFC “Delicious Chicken Served Without Hate”

KFC viral web image of mock competitive ad against its competitor Chick-fil-A on the subject of gay rights. Chick’fil-A fast food chain publicaly opposes same-sex marriage. Some have comically referred to the company’s product as “hate chicken”. According to the Associated Press, A Chick-fil-A spokesman says the company has “biblically based principles”.

  • Posting was updated July 31st to clerify image is a mock ad.


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  1. This is a dishonest image, KFC would never allow this on their billboards. It was made with a sign/meme generator that has been around for years. http://www.says-it.com/fastfood/

  2. K.F.C. Wow, I can’t believe you got into this stupid rivalry. But you can’t bet on this. This sign is going to cost you MORE than Chick Fil A could every think about losing. I don’t like Chick fil A’s food, and loved yours, but I would starve or fry my own chicken in 115 degree weather before I’ll ever walk in the door of another KFC. And I am quite sure when this gets around more, your going to see alot of backlash. All this HATE slinging is going too far , especially when americans need to be coming together, and now YOU join in the HATE game? SHAME ON YOU!! Sandra

  3. Just because you do not agree with something doesn’t mean you “hate”. I thought everyone in America has the right to free speach but I guess that privilege is reserved for a few and not all…….sad, very sad!

  4. While I support the message, this is obviously an altered photo. (Note that the writing on the marquee is much less pixilated than any of the rest of the photo.) We can support the right position without faking someone else’s expressions of support. (Some people on the “other” side have tried to present opposing views on KFC and McDonald’s signs, probably using the “Fast Food Sign Generator” app. We should be above that!)

  5. “You’re wrong” does not equal “I hate you” – if you think it does, you’re wrong, and I still don’t hate you.

    If you think it does, how do you cope in the world? How do you learn anything? How do you respond to teachers, to bosses, to authority figures, the police, etc? How do you have conversations with people you disagree with?

  6. Posting was updated July 31st to clerify image is a mock ad.

  7. Ian, Thank you for bringing to our attention the legitimacy of the image. We appreciate your comment and have clerified the information provided in our post.

  8. It is funny that that the gays can say whatever they like but if a straight person speaks their opinion then its all wrong. Well heres what i have to say to the gays. Fuk Each And Every One Of You. Fuk Off And Die.

  9. And for KFC your chickens sucks.Im really amazed that KFC is still in business. I want to keep everything equal here. So as i said to the Gays. Fuck Off And Die KFC.

  10. Hello,

    Special thanks to everyone who has taken the time to voice their opinions on GNP.
    This site is designed to keep on open dialogue for all points of view. That being said, GNP has a firm stance that Homosexuality is NOT a sin, being gay is NOT punishable by “God”, and Homosexuality does NOT go against biology or any other form of physical or social evolution in our world.

    Freedom is a birthright for all individuals.

    Whither people choose to agree with this ideology or not, it is of course their own decision. Although Chick-fil-a’s controversy may seem silly and irrelevant on a broad scale, it touches on a core value for each of us as individuals. It raises the direct question within ourselves… Is being Gay right or wrong?

    Not only does Chick-fil-a speak out against homosexuality, the fast food company contributes money to their social activism against gays and lesbians. That is a fact.

    Taking a stand against another person, criticizing their personal life and voting for laws within government to enforce your own beliefs, which does not effect your own life… is HATE. Plain and simple.

  11. On http://www.signgenerator.org you can find more sign gens.

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