Video: Maine Couple Wants Twin Sons Treated Equally

HRC | Matt McTighe

Dan and Pat Lawson of Monroe, Maine – Snapshot by GNP

Matt McTighe is the campaign manager for Mainers United for Marriage, the campaign working to win marriage equality in Maine.

A compelling new ad in support of marriage equality began airing across Maine on Tuesday. The ad features Pat and Dan Lawson, who are the parents of twin sons – one of whom is gay.

The Lawsons know plenty about the importance of marriage – they have been married for 30 years.

“Marriage is a commitment that comes from your heart,” Dan Lawson says in the ad. “If that person wasn’t there, you’re not going to be complete. … If my son finds someone that he’s in love with and wants to create a bond that’s going to last a lifetime, that’s marriage in my mind.”

The ad comes from the Why Marriage Matters Maine Project and is set to run for several weeks.

No matter where you live, you can make a difference in Maine.  HRC has set up a special fund –HRC Maine Families PAC – to direct 100 percent of your contribution to help win marriage equality in Maine. Together, we can mobilize the majority of Mainers who support marriage equality and win at the ballot this November.

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