Washington Archbishop Claims ‘Human Society Would Be Harmed Beyond Repair’ By Marriage Equality

Think Progress | by Zack Ford | 09/21/12

The Catholic Church continued its crusade against marriage equality in Washington state this week with a video from Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain. Using religious language to determine what should determine state law, Sartain stokes fears that society will fall apart completely if same-sex couples are allowed to marry:

SARTAIN: To suddenly change the God-given and time honored understanding of marriage would be a very harmful thing for our state and for the world. Put simply, it is not in the compelling interest of the state to change the definition of marriage. There are many ramifications for such a redefinition. Suffice it to say, should marriage be redefined in our state the very foundational nature of marriage for the good and strength of human society would be harmed beyond repair.

Suffice it to say, claiming that the Church isn’t anti-gay, just pro-straight, is no more convincing than white supremacists claiming they aren’t anti-black, just pro-white.

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