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Christian Frisk founded Gay NewsPulse (GNP) on February of 2011 in efforts to help strengthen the LGBT civil rights movement within the US and abroad. Inspired by the powerful and historic speech given by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on the topic of Gay Rights Abroad, Christian devised GNP as a catalyst to educate and empower people to make change.

Christian studied at Pratt Institute majoring in Advertising | Art Direction from 2006 to 2010. Since Pratt he has worked as a freelance designer in Manhattan, NY producing work for clients in mixed-media and services including: photography, digital film, motion graphics, web design, graphic design, branding, copywriting and design consulting.

Member of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, Christian now dedicates his time as Editor-in-Chief at Gay NewsPulse providing vital news to the LGBT community, expanding it’s crew and amplifying GNP’s social network.

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Contributing Writer

Wesley Davidson is an award-winning freelance magazine writer who’s written many articles about health and childcare for such publications as Good Housekeeping, Adoptive Families, and American Baby.  A freelancer, she has been writing since 1985 about topics important to parents.

A parent herself of two children, both in their twenties, she lives in Indian River County, Florida with her husband and English Springer Spaniel.  Wesley has been a guest panelist on childcare for Channel 12 TV news in Westchester County, New York (where she and her family lived for twenty-five years).

Since discovering her son was gay in his teens, Wesley has concentrated her research and writing on GLBT issues.  She now focuses her attention on the lesbian, gay community, and specifically on advising straight parents, like herself, of gay children on how they can be better parents and raise, happy, well-adjusted adults.

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Wesley Cullen Davidson, Professional Writer

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GAY NEWS PULSE is a new online publication with high expectations for itself and rest of the world to support the civil rights movement of the LGBT community around the globe.

“BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY,” a memorable quote made international by Hillary Clinton’s historic LGBT Speech at the UN, is an invaluable statment and the catalyst for GNP’s mission.

Now that Gay Rights is a strong focus in news media and government organizations, it is our responsibility as individuals (gay or straight) to keep things moving!

If you agree with our philosophy and want to help us continue our message and delivering LGBT News, please make a donation!


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